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For all content creators: Follow the four-step process inspired

by 'The System of Publishing' theory (Bhaskar, 2013) of managing

content strategy. 

Essential for the communication process: Each step has a

deck of cards that will guide you to think about why,

how and where you need to communicate. 

Accessible visual structure: The cards contain methods,

content types, platforms and tools to ideate and create

a complete plan. It can be used according to your resources

(time, team, investment).  

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'Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more.'
Melody Beattie


Valerie von S., Berlin

Content Strategist 

I really appreciate the Creative Content Kit and use it quite often, even for larger projects. Helps to sort everything out. Love the format!


Bianca Navone, Milan

 Account Manager

The Creative Content Kit offered me a new perspective and method to approach projects.

A useful and playful format that concretely changes your workflow.

Cris Luckner.jpeg

Cris Luckner, São Paulo

Senior Content Designer

I liked the Content Strategy kit rationale. The framework gets to the point, and it's easy to use. I already suggested to my students.

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Sarah Bishop, London

Production Finance Associate and Entrepreneur @Netflix @JamboCards

Ana is a highly effective individual. My brand, website and socials lacked consistency.

With her Creative Content tools, Ana was able to help me transform the look and feel of the brand and increase sales. Give her a call and start getting things done.

Brittany Ann Cool.jpeg

Brittany Ann Cool, US

Digital Creative Design Director @AstraZeneca

I enjoyed the method to get to the heart of a content statement. It really helped give focus to my concept.

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