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Brand Identity & Naming

Client: Doha Experience

Brand Identity and naming for Doha Experience, a tour guide company, stands for immersing in Qatar’s culture through bespoke and exclusive tours.

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Doha Experience required a brand name and logo that would accurately represent the unique experiences that clients can enjoy in Qatar. We were tasked with creating a brand identity that embodies the core concepts of friendship, culture, personalisation, and fun.

Doha Experience (2).webp
Doha Experience (1).webp

The tour, named Doha Experience, highlights the city location and cultural aspect. It aims to provide an immersive understanding of Qatari culture through various activities and interactions.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.18_edited.jpg
doha experience colours.png
Doha Experience (3).webp
Doha Experience (4).webp

We incorporated the ascenders of typefaces along with the curved letters to reflect the Islamic calligraphy and also to resemble the skyline of Doha. In order to express movement and transformation, as well as to embrace the personalized nature of the Doha Experience tour, I introduced different color schemes in the brand identity.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 17.55.03.png
Doha Experience_background.png
Brand Animation
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