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Visual Identity, Packaging & Illustration

Little Pharma offers a range of vitamin sprays as a natural,

healthy and safe alternative to traditional supplemental gummies and tablets.

Client: Little Pharma

All images by Howard Budzynski

Packaging demonstration mockups
Handwritten Logo

The Simple Company approached us to create the visual identity and packaging of Wellness Factory's new range for children, Little Pharma. They were looking for a product that would appeal to both kids and their parents. 

To communicate with children under 5 years old, we decided to illustrate little characters representing different baby animals from a farm. The packaging has a calm and light-hearted atmosphere thanks to the use of pastel colors and white.

Little pharma.gif
Little Pharma_Sep21-2.jpg

The colors are associated with childhood animals like pigs, chicks, lambs, and calves, adding to the playful and innocent nature of childhood. Together, they create a tapestry of nostalgia and wonder, weaving cherished memories of youth and the magic of companionship with animals.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.18_edited.jpg
Colour palette_little pharma.png
Little Pharma_Sep21-9.jpg
Little Pharma

The logo was built in a handwritten and comforting typeface, inspired by the brand's name, and can appear in a variety of colours for different ingredient and flavours. Little Pharma vitamins can be found on Wellness Factory website and at Selfridges.

Little Pharma_Sep21-19.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-15.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-12.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-3.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-17.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-16.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.18_edited.jpg
Little Pharma_Sep21-1.jpg
Handwritten Logo
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