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Content Strategy

Client:Lipton (Former Ekaterra)
Food Ind. 

We created the content strategy and messaging framework for the corporate brand, serving as a blueprint for content creation across all external-facing channels.

Mockup Report Cover

During the discovery phase, we conducted a content audit, interviewed key C-Stakeholders, and analyzed best-in-class examples to gain insights and set the groundwork for the project's success.

Herbal Tea
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Our deliverables included content messaging framework, creative content concepts, ecosystem messaging, and brand concepts report. These deliverables equiped the client with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of their digital ecosystem while transitioning brands. 


We worked in collaboration with Futures Thinker and creative researcher Rodrigo Turra - TheNexialist.

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We envisioned the brand's ideal future and integrated these creative concepts into the brand's messaging framework, ensuring inclusive narratives accessible to all. Our research project also explored tea's decoloniality, enriching our creative approach. 

We worked with Cultural Narratives and Social Change Expert, Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes 

Tea Plantation
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