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Creative Content Kit

Unlock the power of our tool for dynamic learning and power up business sessions! Whether it's planning sessions or client briefings, this versatile tool amplifies campaign effectiveness and content planning. Dive into the Creative Content Kit – your tool for mastering content strategies for brand success and grow.

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Brittany Ann Cool, US

Digital Creative Design Director @AstraZeneca

"I enjoyed the method to get to the heart of a content statement. It really helped give focus to my concept."

Valerie von S., Berlin

Content Strategies


I really appreciate the Creative Content Kit and use it quite often, even for larger projects. Helps to sort everything out.

Love the format!"

Cris Luckner, SP

Senior Content Designer

"I liked the Content Strategy kit rationale. The framework gets to the point, and it's easy to use. I already suggested to my students."

Bianca Navone, Milan



The Creative Content Kit offered me a new perspective and method to approach projects.A useful and playful format that concretely changes your workflow.

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